How often will I get a new sneaker?
You can choose either every 4 months or every 6 months
Is this service for men or women?
How long does it take to get my first pair?
Usually it will ship within 2 business days of joining. If you simply can’t wait you can request expedited shipping for an additional fee.
How much do the sneakers cost?
They range usually around $100 - $150.
Does the subscription cost money?
No, you only pay for the sneakers you keep.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, at any time. There is no fee and no obligation, although you will be missed. Contact us at help@sneakers2u.com.
What if I have a question?
Please email us at help@sneakers2u.com and we will get back to you usually within 1 business day.
Who chooses my sneakers?
Our experts choose for you based on your personal profile. They review your needs and pick a top of the line, name-brand shoe that hopefully you’ll love!
What brands do you have?
We have the most popular brands including but not limited to ; Nike, Under Armour, Asics, New Balance, Converse and Adidas.
What sizes do you carry?
Mens sizes 7.5 to 18. Womens sizes 5-12.
Can I request a specific sneaker or brand?
We try to provide you a variety of top level brands for you to experience but you can request a specific shoe in your profile. For example if you love the Asics GEL Kayano 24 you can request to get the current version each shipment.
What if I don’t like the sneaker?
Then our expert will be guillotined, no but seriously, no big deal. You can try on your sneakers and if it just doesn’t work for you, you have 3 days to contact us via email at help@sneakers2u.com. Let us know why you did not like them and if you want another sneaker sent to you right away. We will send you a free return label. Box the sneakers back up and send it back to us and you will receive a full refund. PLEASE NOTE your sneaker must be in original sellable condition to get your refund, sorry but no wearing them to the beach then returning them.
Will you offer any other products?
Absolutely, occasionally a few days before your schedule shipment we will send you an email with other name-brand items based on your profile. Pick what you need or just want; a pack of socks, a casual polo, underwear or choose none of the extras, again no obligation.
What if I forget my password or want to update my profile?
That’s what we are here for. Just email us at help@sneakers2u.com and we will help you. We do our best to get back to you within 1 business day. We know you don’t like to wait so we’ve been asking our tech team to get us a self-service component they say it’s coming with the next software update - you know how those tech guys are